Food Industry

Food Industry and Dustcontrol

Dustcontrol manufactures and customizes portable dust extractors, air cleaners and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration for your requirements. With a Dustcontrol solution you can vacuum clean or extract dust, flour, chips, oil spills and other unhealthy substances at the source and transport them to where you want.

Dustcontrol filters pollutants up to 99.995% giving you a healthier working environment, a more efficient cleaning process and thus higher production quality with less down time.


Success Stories

Dustcontrol Equipment Source Extraction Food Industry


small or large central vacuum systems, mobile dust extractors, EX-Line dust extractors, pneumatic dust extractors, air cleaners, cleaning acessories, suction casessuction brushes for food contact and service.


Nestlé, Twinings, Paulig, Absolut Company (Pernod Ricard), Delselius Bakery, Bart Spices Ltd, Portable Foods (Kellogg's), Matthew Algie Coffee, Mars Drinks UK, La Tua Pasta, HJ Heinz, Twinings, Clipper Teas, Kraft Food, Kerry Foods and Ingredients.