Meet Dustcontrol at following exhibitions in 2013

Meet Dustcontrol at following exhibitions in 2013. Hope to see you there!

Dust - much more than a nuisance!

James Miller, General Manager at Dustcontrol UK, highlights how industries can tackle the issue of hazardous dust.

Dust - and explosive subject!

Article in the Pulp Paper & Logistics Magazine, November 2012 issue.

Dustcontrol UK to showcase latest dust extraction solution

Dust extraction specialists, Dustcontrol UK, will be showcasing their latest centralised dust vacuum system over the coming weeks and months, as they prepare to demonstrate the ‘DC 11-Module’ for a number of forthcoming UK trade shows.

Dustcontrol win Health & Safety Award

Dust extraction specialists, Dustcontrol UK, have been awarded the Speedy Health & Safety Award for their ‘DC 2900’ industrial mobile dust extractor.

Dustcontrol releases a new family of hose reels

With the new DC Hose Reels 38 & 50 Dustcontrol releases a new generation of hose reels.

Watch a illustration clip of source extraction

Illustration clip of source extraction.

Dust: Special Technologies to Avoid Asthma in Bakeries

Asthma in a bakery: An allergy to flour dust can mean an end to the existence of a baker if he does not do anything about it. If he ignores his symptoms, his allergies and asthma only gets worse.

Dustcontrol Inc. had a successful exhibition at the IMTS!

The IMTS exhibition focuses on precision manufacturing, such as aerospace, satellite, automotive and machine manufacturing. There is a great need and interest of source extraction, especially to increase the cleanliness of the products during processing.

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