Dustcontrol presents the DC HEPAbox

The DC HEPAbox enters the arena as a complimentary filtration with highest filtration level  (>0.15 micro meter).

The Hazards in Welding

Breathing welding fumes is extremely harmful and exposes the lung to great hazards. The welding fumes consist of a mixture of dust, gases and water molecules, which due to their small sizes get into the respiratory system.

Dustcontrol presents a new filter unit line for hazardous dust environments

Dustcontrol has been operating in the field of environmental equipment for more than 40 years and has extensive experience in equipment and systems for potentially explosive dust.

Dust: Hazard of Silicosis

Dust in the air can be a great danger to our respiratory system. Silicosis is a lung disease that can occur after being exposed for a longer time to dust containing quartz (eg. concrete). Recent studies have also determined the connection to lung cancer.

Dust: Hazard of Asbestos

Thousands of people die each year in Europe as a result of working with asbestos.

Dust: The Causes

Dustcontrol AB presents the second edition of the article series - Dust: The Causes.

Dust: The Invisible Danger!

Dust in the air is ubiquitous. And the danger the dust might contain is invisible. The dusty air can contain several substances which threaten our health.

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