DC 3900L Twin eco

With Twin Power against Dust
- intelli
bag® + longopac plastic sacks

  • Integrated preseparator
  • ECO Design:eco-friendly, easy to handle with two powerful eco motors
  • Long lifetime and robust construction
  • High effective cyclone with patented fine filter and HEPA H13 filter for a safe asbestos* removal 
  • Corrosive class C4 (ISO 12944)
  • The motor package can be dismantled easily for cleaning and service
  • Dust free removal of the plastic sack with intellibag® + longopac plastic sacks
  • Adjustable chassis for easy transport 
  • Accessories for many different tasks
  • Holder for accessories 

* In accordance with EN 60335-2-69 class H and EN 1822-1 HEPA H13


Mobile unit

DC 3900L Twin eco Art nr Show models Hide models

230 V, 50 Hz 132530
230 V, 50 Hz, UK 132533
115 V, 50 Hz, UK 132534
230 V, 50 Hz, CH 132538
115 V, 60 Hz, US 132532
115 V, 60 Hz, CAN 132537

The DC 3900L Twin eco is a portable but very powerful dust extractor suitable for large quantities of dust due to its integrated pre-separator. It is particularly suitable for concrete grinding since 80–90% of the coarse materials are separated in the pre-separator. The remaining dust goes into the filter cyclone. The DC 3900L Twin eco is a popular machine since it is powerful enough for most applications yet it can be easily moved and transported. The air flow capacity is suitable for concrete floor grinding machines with diamond discs of up to 500 mm/20” diameter.


The DC 3900L Twin eco is delivered as standard with the following:

  • Antistatic hose set Ø 2” /50 mm x 25’/7,5m
    (Part No 2013+2129+2107)
  • Aluminium floor tool B500 (Part No 7238)
  • Chrome steel suction pipe Ø 2” /50 mm (Part No 7265)
  • 10 plastic sacks intelli bag® (Part No 43619)
  • 1 pc x 22m longopac plastic sack (Part No 432177) for the preseperator
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 42025)
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42024)
Weight, lb/kg 128/58
Flow at open inlet 115/230V 320/360/350 m3 /h 188 cfm
Max vacuum, kPa 115/230 V 24/25
Power consumption,115/230 V 2700 W/2600 W
Sound level 115/230 V 69 dB(A))

7238 Floor Tool W 500 Ø 50

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 50 mm

Filter DC 3900



Non-Turnable Hose Connectors

Turnable Hose Connectors