DC 2800 EX

The professionals choice in ATEX zone 22.

  • Suitable for operation in environments with potentially combustible dust (non-conductive)
  • Brushless motor


Mobile unit

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230 V, EU 114100
230 V, UK 114101

The DC 2800 EX for ATEX zone 22 is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws. The DC 2800 EX has a sturdy steel chassis with big wheels but is still light and portable. The chassis is designed in a manner that allows the unit to be led by the hose without tipping. Compared to DC 1800 EX, it has a slightly longer cyclone, which improves the suction power. The steel container is also bigger. The DC 2800 EX is equipped with a brushless motor (for spark-free operation) and enclosed to IP5X standard, ATEX zone 22 (non conductive dust).

The DC 2800 EX is delivered with the following:

  • Suction hose (Ø 38) 5 m (Part No 2027)
  • Floor nozzle (Part No 7235E) 
  • Suction pipe Ø 38 (Part No 7257)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 42028)
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42027)
  • Plastic bag (5st) (Part no 42384)


Weight 19 kg
Flow at open inlet, 115/230 V 210/185 m3/h
Neg pressure 115/230 V 30/25 kPa
Power consumption 115/230 V 1500/1300 W
Sound level 70 dB(A)
Container 40 l

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 38 mm

Filter DC 1800, 2800, 2900 eco