DC Green System


Dustcontrol's DC Green System reviews the control system on the vacuum generator to save energy. If you use a DC Green System together with our vacuum producer, this generates an energy saving between 40-90%, depending on whether you use a new or existing central vacuum system.

A DC Green System offers many advantages: Depending on the number of open outlets, a DC Green System generates as little vacuum as is necessary, since this controls the RPM on the vacuum generator. Also by using a demand control with a frequency converter, the capacity of the installation is improved compared to a normal system. The vacuum producer goes automatically down to a power saving state when none of the outlets are used. This also eliminates the need of micro-switches at each workstation.

An investment in a DC Green System pays for itself in 1-5 years. Lower energy consumption contributes to economic savings and less environmental impact and increased lifetime for the equipment. Above all, we give your employees a healthy and more sustainable working environment. Healthy Business – Sustainable Business.





  • Lower energy consumption
  • No micro-switches
  • Higher top performance
  • Optimal suction ability in all cases
  • Extended lifetime for the vacuum system
  • Effective filter cleaning during operation
  • Lower noise levels