Dust extraction specialists, Dustcontrol UK, have launched a new offering specifically for maintenance teams working on refurbishment projects in the UK.

Dust extraction specialists, Dustcontrol UK, have launched a new offering specifically for maintenance teams working on refurbishment projects in the UK.

The company, based in Northants (UK head office), have brought out a series of mobile dust extractors and air cleaners specifically designed to help those working on refurbishment projects capture dust at its source. The products provide a cleaner working environment, create a more efficient production process, whilst also limiting any disruption to the organisation in question who’s having the refurbishment work done.

Phil Haskins, construction sales manager at Dustcontrol UK, explains the new offering further: “Refurbishment work is being carried out all the time, from retail outlets, banks, supermarket chains, hospitals to housing associations. Limiting disruption to customers, patients, and tenants is key for any refurbishment project to succeed. However this is often something that is given very little thought, as the main focus seems to always be about getting the work done on time and within budget.”

He continues: “Dust can be a huge problem for anybody working on a refurbishment project, but more importantly a bigger problem for those entering/using the establishment in question, and therefore the owners of that organisation. If dust spreads from the refurbishment work into other areas of the building which are still in operation, this could have serious repercussions. For instance, putting off customers, which will then affect repeat business, creating serious health issues, and de-motivating staff. It’s essential therefore that maintenance teams are equipped to eradicate these potential threats.”

Indeed, and to help with this Dustcontrol UK have put together a range of products, training and customer service support to ensure refurbishment work is carried out to the very highest standard.

Mobile dust extractors and Air Cleaners from DustcontrolThe refurbishment products that Dustcontrol UK provide include the DC 1800, the DC 2900, the DC AirCube 500, and the DC AirCube 2000.

The DC 1800 and the DC 2900 are the core products, which have been designed to work with handheld power tools and small table saws. They are lightweight and ideal for those that need a highly portable machine that is powerful enough for source extraction. They are also powerful and effective vacuum cleaners eliminating the need for sweeping up.

Phil comments: “The DC 1800 and the DC 2900 products are the key items that make up our refurbishment offering, as they are the items connected to the tools themselves which are being used for the refurbishment job in question, making them the primary barrier to stopping initial dust being released. The Aircube products are then used to clean remaining airborne dust that may escape, such as ambient dust from dusty items being moved around.”

The AirCube models are used in conjunction with on-tool extraction to prevent dust migration. They are designed to separate fine and hazardous dusts down to 0.3 microns. An example of this is silica dust, which is found in concrete, brick, grout, mortar and drywall compound.

The AirCubes can also be used as positive or negative pressure units. Phil explains: “If the refurbishment work is taking place in a sealed room you can exhaust the air (negative pressure) from the AirCube from within that room through the wall or sheeting. This creates a lower than atmospheric pressure in the room, which means dust migration out of the room is minimised because clean air is trying to get in through any cracks/leaks. Also, if you pump air (positive pressure) from an AirCube into a sealed room it will increase the atmospheric pressure in that room, meaning dirty air from outside can’t get in.”

All four products use HEPA H13 filters, unlike most other products which only use M class filters. Because Dustcontrol UK use H13 filters this guarantees their products remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 mircometres from the air that passes through. Meaning the air exhausted from their products is the cleanest it can be.

With all products Dustcontrol UK also provide on-site training, and a comprehensive support service.

Phil concludes: “For those working on refurbishment projects, having these tools will be a huge advantage, helping them carry out a cleaner and more efficient job. Plus for the establishment who is having the work done, they can relax knowing that the best quality dust control products are being used, avoiding any potential health issues and avoiding any major disruptions. This alone could prove a real selling point for refurbishment maintenance teams.”

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