Dustcontrol Opens Up in South America

We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a distributorship agreement with Efixo S.A.C to cover the Peruvian market and to have entered the fast growing construction and industrial market of South America. Efixo, situated in Lima,  is especialized in vacuum and air compressor projects and have experienced engeeniers in designing and executing projects as well have an effective afters sales technical support.  Through the co-operation Efixo broadens its product portfolio and can offer wider solutions to the Peruvian industry and to enter into the fast growing construction industry. For Dustcontrol the co-operation means entering the Peruvian burgeoining economy and a foothold in the South American market.


Dustcontrol opens up in South America


Contact: Efixo S.A.C - Calle 3 MZ. N LT. 15 - Parque Industrial El Asesor - Ate, Lima – Perú - Telefono:(00511) 583-8541 www.efixo.pe