Dustcontrol UK’s second-generation DC Box has been shortlisted amongst the finalists for the Executive Hire Show’s Innovation Trail.


News Release January 2016 - Dust extraction specialist’s hire equipment cleaning cabinet makes innovation trail shortlist

Dustcontrol UK’s second-generation DC Box has been shortlisted amongst the finalists for the Executive Hire Show’s Innovation Trail.

The Innovation Trail looks to highlight some of the outstanding new products available in the tools, equipment and plant hire industry. During the course of the Executive Hire Show, which occurs on 10th and 11th of February 2016, the ten finalists will form a ‘trail of innovation’ through the show, where visitors can make their way from one to another to explore the attributes of each product and get to grips with what they have to offer. The overall winner will then be announced during the course of the show.

The DC Box acts like a fume cupboard, containing dust from equipment that’s cleaned inside it and then filtering the air. Cleaning can be done with the integral air gun and vacuum suction hose, improving the lifespan of hire equipment and ensuring that any hazardous dusts are removed before further hire.

With hire companies, equipment is often returned dirty, which can generate large amounts of dust within hire depots. The DC Box efficiently contains and extracts this dust, helping to improve the lifespan of the hire equipment whilst also stopping the spread of airborne dust within the depot. It makes the whole process of cleaning the equipment much safer to undertake by reducing the potential hazards that handling such equipment can present and helps hire companies meet workplace exposure limits for dust.

Dustcontrol equipment uses HEPA H13 filters, unlike many other products, which only use M class filters. The use of H13 filters guarantees that the products remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns that passes through the equipment; meaning air exhausted from the products is the cleanest it can b