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Storm LPG

Storm LPG

A gas-powered force to be reckoned with!

 Propane-driven – 8 hours operating time.
 Compact and robust machine for those tough jobs - anywhere.
 A lot of special features like usb-charging, working lamps and more.
 H-class. Approved for use with hazardous dust (like asbestos).
 Equipped with HEPA H13 filter. Conforms to OSHA regulations.
 Equipped with Longopac or bag.

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Propane-driven – environmentally friendly
A powerful dust extractor ideal for use in workplaces with a limited supply
of electricity, the DC Storm LPG can run for around 8 hours without
needing to change the propane tank.

The machine's 15 kW/21hp motor has the capacity to manage dust extraction
in conjunction with work involving large (concrete/construction)
floor grinders, hammerdrills, scarifier/shaver or cutting machines, as well as heavy-duty
cleaning with a long suction hose.

Other areas of application are any kind of surface preparation, demolition,
renovation work and asbestos remediation where electricity is not available.