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New Corporate Video is Launched!

New Corporate Video is Launched!

50 years ago our founders decided to find a solution to the health hazards of dust generated when drilling into stone. At the time, stone dust and "stone dust lung" was a major issue. After testing various methods such as binding the dust with water and air filtration, their finding was that the most effective method was source extraction. The company therefore began to develop stationary and mobile dust extractors for other industries.

Today, the Dustcontrol group consists of the Head Office in Sweden and local sales companies in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, and worldwide partners.

We are proud of the journey we have traveled and are more than excited of the years to come. We will continue to develop and offer innovative technology to help customers worldwide achieve efficient production, increased Productivity and a Cleaner Working Environment.

Dustcontrol - "Technology for Healthy Business"

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