Auger Compactor Connection

Discharge Arrangements for: F 8000, F 11000, F 20000, F 30000, S 11000, S 32000 and S 34000

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Auger Compactor Connection 7343

This arrangement is used for material that can be compacted, e.g. paper dust and strips. Collected material is compacted and discharged into a plastic collection sack. The drive motor control should be configured to reverse for several seconds to clear occasional clogs.

Flange, outer mm 500x500
inner mm 425x425
Weight 218 kg
Capacity 2-5 m3/h
Motor Power 2.2 kW
Voltage 230/400V
Max Op. Pressure 40 kPa
Service Interval 1500 h
(1st service 300 h)