Filter Unit

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Stainless steel S11000 24VDC (without cone) 110305
Container,50L stainless steel 44608
Bottom cone 44609
Filter 429212

The filter cyclone is made in 1.4301 and is intended for use in a food industry environment.
Filter and the gasket both consist of materials that meet FDA-standards materials. The filter cyclone should be placed outside the food zone in connection with the vacuum generator. Separated material is not suitable for re-use in food.

Both the inlet and outlet parts can be rotated. The inlet part can also be turned over. The S11000 is mounted either on the leg stand or wall mount. Dispensing takes place in containers.

Technical data:

  • Inlet Ø [mm]                                  108
  • Outlet Ø [mm]                               108
  • Container [l]                                  50 
  • Compressed air [l/s], [bar]              4, 4 
  • Hose coupling [mm]                       6/8 
  • Electrical connection  [V DC, 12 W]  24
  • Max Q  [m3/h*]                              1000

*NOTE! Always take into account the filter load.