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Our solutions prevents dangerous particles from entering your lungs. Contact us today for an assessment of the air quality in your workplace!



Skanska AB Invests in a Dustcontrol Solution Mission ”It is intended that all construction workers should clean after themselves and then the central vacuum cleaner makes it much more easy to do so. It is also convenient to avoid having…

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What do our customers say?

Dustcontrol has both experience and well-proven solutions that work.

Roger Tornéus at Sandvik Coromant

What do our customers say?

We use Dustcontrol’s system mainly due to their excellent characteristics. The solutions from Dustcontrol are effective, reliable in service and long-lived, which provides a superior total economic solution. The Customer Service at Dustcontrol is also something we as customers have appreciated.

Ari Urpinen, Orion Pharma

What do our customers say?

We much prefer the Dustcontrol units which are extremely reliable and benefit from excellent filters, the units are light and easy to move around, stable and upright.

Ged Griffiths, Bart Spices, UK

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