Compact Systems

Substantial savings can be realised by installing a compact central vacuum system from Dustcontrol. For example, all grinders and finishing tools in a production facility are equipped with suction casings and connected to a central vacuum system. Capture of the dust at source contributes to an improved working environment, higher productivity, shorter clean-up, cleaner process and improved product quality.

About Compact Vacuum Systems

  1. Vacuum Producer – The vacuum producer is a belt/direct-driven turbo pump. It is highly durable and has minimal service requirements. The characteristic of this type of vacuum producer makes it excellent for use with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). With the VFD option the performance capacity will be optimised.
  2. Filter Unit – The filter unit separates the larger particles in the cyclone and the finer dust in the pleated conical filter. The filter is cleaned very effectively with reverse pulse. The filter unit separates everything from fine dust to chips and fluids.
  3. Control Panel – The electrical function is built into the machine. The unit is started manually with a start button, automatically when any of the extraction points are opened and microswitches are used or by clock control. Filter cleaning is automatic after shutdown of the vacuum. With the DC Green System option you get on-demand control for saving energy. You can also choose if the unit should be a fixed installation or mobile and be delivered with a Euro connection.
  4. HEPA Filters – The fine filter separates a large quantity of the fine dust, but has a limited efficiency on the smallest particulate. In order to capture this particulate, the unit should be equipped with a HEPA filter. We always recommend that a HEPA filter be used when the system air is returned to the plant environment. With designated or hazardous dust we recommend the use of a HEPA filter even if the system air is to be vented out of the plant. (Note: Always be aware of and comply with local regulations.).
  5. Outlet/Exhaust – For fixed installed extraction systems it is always recommended to exhaust the air out of the building if a HEPA is not used. In doing that, all residual particulate and any gases extracted are expelled from the building. With the help of a HEPA filter, almost all the particles can be eliminated. In a large plant, exhausting to atmosphere can sometimes be difficult. In these cases exhaust directly at the unit can be considered. Extra duct work and optional silencing is available to suit the installation.
  6. Discharge of Material – Discharge of dust, fluids and heavy material is done under the cyclone. A number of different solutions can be chosen. The most common is plastic bag or container. Containers are available with a variety of volumes.
  7. Mobil Unit– The DC 11-Module is designed with a pallet format chassis so it can easily be moved with a fork truck or pallet jack. By choosing to equip the unit with wheels and handle, a mobile unit is created that even with its large size and weight, is possible to move easily by hand on the production floor. There is also the possibility to create a semi-mobile unit where the unit is configured as a portable but docked to an installed tubing system. When it is required elsewhere, un-dock it, and wheel it away.


Dustcontrol DC 11 Module 300x375
DC 11-Module
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