About Dustcontrol

Everything goes so much easier, becomes so much more efficient and flexible when production is not disturbed by dust and material accumulations. Not to mention a safe air quality.

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Efficient production, increased productivity and a cleaner working environment

Dustcontrol’s main task is to facilitate efficient production, increased productivity and a cleaner working environment for our customers. We sell products and customized solutions that allow the customer to focus on their production. In addition, Dustcontrol offers service including accessories and spare parts. With mobile dust collectors and stationary central suction systems, Dustcontrol helps companies all over the world to more efficient production and to better production quality. We create a cleaner working environment by vacuuming dust and other contaminants.

50 years of experience in the industry

Dustcontrol AB was founded in 1972 by Johann Haberl, Mirko Purar, and Evert Kranz. All three had previously worked as engineers at Devac AB. Devac was a Swedish government owned research and development company. The main purpose of the company was to research the health hazards of dust generated when drilling into stone. At the time, stone dust and “stone dust lung” was a major issue. After testing various methods such as binding the dust with water and air filtration, their finding was that the most effective method was source extraction. When Devac was wound up, the three colleagues decided to continue with the source extraction project themselves. A new private company was formed – Dustcontrol AB with Pirkko Haberl as CFO.

However, the market for stone dust was limited. The company therefore began to develop stationary and mobile dust extractors for other industries.

Today, the Dustcontrol group consists of the Head Office in Sweden and local sales companies in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, and worldwide partners.

Purifies the exhaust air to 99,995 percent

Thanks to equipment from Dustcontrol, small and large companies can extract dust, chips, gases, oil spills or other unhealthy particles directly at the source. Our equipment meets the challenges with the help of a high degree of filtration. The machines can have filters that purify the exhaust air to 99.995 percent. It gives your business a much cleaner indoor air. In addition, the filters have a long life and a long time between changes, which also makes it a wise choice financially.

To hire Dustcontrol

Our sales organization consists of experienced technicians who know the industry. If you choose a mobile solution, we will come to your company and demonstrate. For stationary systems, we dimension the system according to a requirements specification. Dustcontrol also takes responsibility for the entire chain, from planning and installation to final inspection, documentation and support.

Dustcontrol Time Axis

Dustcontrol is founded.

The big breakthrough for Dustcontrol came in 1976 with a large order from Swedish ASEA in Västerås. As a result, Dustcontrol was able to expand and move to its own production facilities in Norsborg outside Stockholm.

Development of a method for safe asbestos removal. Broadening of the product range to car repair shops, cleaning and extraction of welding fumes.

Export sales start through resellers in Finland and the establishment of subsidiaries in Germany and Switzerland (1978) and in Austria (1979).

Dustcontrol becomes a registered trademark in Sweden through incorporation.

Project Münchenbryggeriet where Dustcontrol developed a method for dust-free demolition and rebuilding. LO (Swedish Trade Union) and Arbetsmiljöfonden (Swedish Work Environment Fund) participated. Manual for point extraction is published. Product development: patented side channel pump. New patented filter technology with air purification and with pleated filters that were the first to be used for industrial dust separation. Introduction of air cleaners as a complement to dust extractors.

King Carl XVI Gustaf visits Dustcontrol. He is interested in work environment issues (1981).

Johann Haberl is honored with a royal business medal.

Development of extraction systems to reduce wood dust in schools’ handicraft workshops.

The number of employees is 62 in Sweden and 24 abroad. Sales in the Group SEK 79 million. The recession halves sales. Development of new dust extractors intended for the process industry with a grant from Industrifonden (Swedish Industry Fund). I-line is born.

Recession and reorientation. Inauguration of the high-bay warehouse and an expanded office area (1991).

Dustcontrol is honored with a bronze medal from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as “Sweden’s best family business in 1993”.

Subsidiaries were started in the UK in 1996 and in Finland in 1997. The rental companies become a significant customer group. The product range is expanded with Dustcontrol’s Liquids Extractors.

Quality investment and export increase. Certification for quality ISO 9001 and environment, ISO14001 (2001).

Focus on Atex issues. Point extraction system for work environments that are at risk of dust explosions.
Subsidiaries in the United States (2006).

Johann Haberl is named Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 in Botkyrka.

Dustcontrol Store started (2008). Defense of the patent of the filter battle that Dustcontrol wins in the Court of Appeal.

Dustcontrol Green System is developed to save energy through demand control of the extraction. UC classifies Dustcontrol as one of the safest workplaces in Sweden. With education and knowledge transfer in focus, we help customers in many types of industries to design dust-free processes that protect employees’ health – while saving energy and streamlining production.

Exports now account for 70% (2011).

Launch of DC Tromb (2015).

Launch of DC Immersion (2016).

Launch of Food Industry GFF & DC Storm (2017).

Launch of Sustainability Campaign (2018).

Launch of DC Smart System (2020).

Dustcontrol is today a family company in the second generation where Nina Uggowitzer is CEO. Stefan Haberl is a member of the board as well as the founders Johann Haberl, Pirkko Haberl and Mirko Purar.

The Dustcontrol group of companies consists of the head office in Sweden with development, manufacturing and sales and the subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States and Finland.

Work environment certification (2021).

Despite the pandemic, Dustcontrol has been able to continue operations without staff reductions. Our business concept is as sustainable now as it was 50 years ago.

Dustcontrol, Box 3088, Kumla Gårdsväg 14, 145 03 Norsborg, SWEDEN