Food Industry

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The Food Industry has special requirements.  Control of components and equipment used in production is extreme, with a special focus on migratory risk, surface finish and antistatic properties.

Removing dust from the workplace is not just a working environment and health issue. It is also a business issue. The cleaner the working environment, the better the end result. We call it “Healthy Business”.

Dustcontrol designs and installs complete source extraction systems in close cooperation with its customers. Our source extraction systems can be fully integrated into the production process for recycling or used as a centralised vacuum cleaning system.

Our suction brushes have a unique combination of features. They are designed to meet our customers’ requirements of colour coding, are made of antistatic (ESD) material, are hygienically cleanable (autoclavable) and provide the possibility of automatic detection. They are in other words – Good for Food, by Dustcontrol.

Besides our cleaning brushes we do offer a complete sortiment of cleaning accessories and hoses especially developed for the food industry.

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Nestlé, Agrana Zuckerfabrik, Portable Foods (Kelloggs), Mars Drinks UK. 

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