Mobile Dust Extractors

Capturing dust at source is our speciality, but our vacuums are also highly effective for general cleaning, making them indispensable in all sorts of applications.

Whatever material, dust, chips or fumes you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions, even in dangerous environments, such as Atex zones. With such a wide range available we have developed a diverse customer base, including clients from construction, heavy industry, aerospace and transport as well as the food industry, to name a few.

Dustcontrol supplies industrial mobile dust extractors and air cleaners, on-tool suction casings, stand-alone separators and cleaning accessories. This helps companies worldwide achieve cleaner and more efficient production, in addition to improved product quality.

All of our mobile vacuums and air cleaners are delivered as standard with Hepa H13 filtration and built to Application Class H for hazardous dusts and the most demanding environments. Our vacuums all feature cyclone based separation and are fitted with pleated cartridge filters to provide high and consistent performance in the most energy efficient way. Reverse pulse filter cleaning also means filters can be kept clean without the need for removing them in the workplace. All machines are designed to be as ergonomic as possible, so they are easy to handle, move around and transport, as well as being simple to maintain.

Dustcontrol has over 50 years’ experience in developing high efficiency dust extraction solutions including machines, capture hoods for hand held power tools and fixed equipment and a wide range of cleaning accessories.

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