DC Reach – A New Cleaning Solution!

Falling short of undertaking the appropriate cleaning, will definitely affect product quality! Inadequate cleaning routines can also cause the workers themselves to be exposed to fine dusts that can result in inflammation of the airways. With our innovative cleaning technology DC Reach, it has never been easier to remove dust and combustible materials from high altitudes and hard-to-reach areas.

No more hydraulic lifting platforms or scaffolding. Our floor-controlled system will maximize your productivity and there is no longer need to close down large areas while cleaning. And foremost you will bring Healthy Business to your team! Inhalation of dust can also develop into serious infections such as bronchitis and other long-term illnesses. Overexposure for an extensive period can also cause permanent disabilities, and even death.

Contact us today! If you are located outside Sweden please go to the link below to our world wide team.

Nearest Dustcontrol reseller: https://dustcontrol.com/dustcontrol-worldwide/
Learn more about our new cleaning sets: https://dustcontrol.com/product/dc-reach/
See our video: https://youtu.be/zDNXNFAHp3Q

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