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In many areas the cleaning of the construction site is the key issue to a healthy work environment and an efficient demolition and construction. With equipment from us, you can extract dust, smoke, shavings, oil spills and even invisible particles at the source. And except for a healthy team you will get results as a more efficient manufacturing, less downtime, better production quality and a healthier working environment are reasons for a new investment! We provide clean construction!

We provide a safe work environment – a clean construction site

Discover Dustcontrol’s high-quality dust extractors, construction dust extractors, pre-separators and air cleaners that are designed for efficiency and an optimal working environment. With over 50 years of experience, we offer market-leading dust management systems for construction and renovation that take care of both coarse and fine dust, all sorts particles), as well as your health. Choose our professional machines for effective and healthy dust control in all types of construction projects.

Dustcontrol – your partner for a better workplace.

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Dustcontrol provides a safe work environment for all specialists on the constuction site.

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We have made an overview folder of our Clean Construction range. A 16-page folder with the challanges and solutions in this area, A selction of the most common mobile machines are presented.

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