DC Tromb Turbo Twin is here!

Our new dust extractor offers outstanding performance and is ideal for demanding situations. With innovative features, it is designed to meet and exceed dust separation challenges. It is particularly suitable for concrete grinding since 80–90% of the coarse materials are separated in the pre-separator. The remaining dust and other particles goes into the filter cyclone. Other configurations can be provided on request such as Turbo VFD variant, different discharge arrangements and solutions for the non-EU markets are available upon request.

Make a request from web or by our resellers:
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Product info with technical details: https://dustcontrol.com/product/dc-tromb-turbo-twin-ll-aa/
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  • Effective handling of various dust types, including hazardous particles such as, silicon, cobalt, glass fibre and carbon fiber.
  • Can be used in many different areas and industries.
  • Stable continuous operation for increased productivity and long operating times.
  • Due to a higher negative pressure, the dust can be transported through long hoses.
  • Improved performance through integrated pre-separation.
  • Fewer filter changes due to pres-separator.
  • Filter cleaning during operation for reduced downtime.
  • No carbon brushes to change – long service life.
  • Flexibility with different dust collection methods – plastic bag (intellibag), Longopac and container in different combinations.
  • Adaptability with a wide range of accessories for customer-specific customization.

Which collection container? A, C or L or LA?
Dustcontrol’s dust extractor and pre-separators can be ordered with different collection containers. The letters describe which collection container that is available for the machine:
A/ Steel collection container
C/ Plastic bag/Intellibag
L/ Plastic bag/Longopac, with flexible length
(For our twin models we use a combination of collection; AL, AA and etc

Which dust extractor model is the best for concrete grinding?
The size of the dust extractor and associated pre-separator depends on the size of the floor grinder you use. Start off by checking the size of the grinder! And then select the dust extractor to match:

Grinding surface area Dust Extractor
Under 500 mm DC Tromb 400, DC Tromb Turbo Twin
Between 500-700 mm DC Storm 500
Over 700 mm DC Storm 700, DC 5900

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