DCF 2900 c/L with Longopac & Plastic Bag

Dustcontrol Pre-Separator DCF 2900 L

NEWS! In the Mobile Pre-Separator Family!

Meet our latest family member DCF Pre-separator 2900 with Longopac or Intellibag!

We provide stationary solutions and also mobile pre-separators. Our mobile solutions can be used in all applications where the extracted material is coarse or voluminous. They can be placed at the actual workplace for separate handling or recycling of the extracted material and / or to relieve the filter. A Pre-Separator is a must when you are extracting coarse, voluminous or heavy material. This Pre-Separator takes the strain off the main filter of the dust extractor or the central vacuum system. And it guarantees consistently high suction power throughout the work process. Our latest pre-separator is DCF 2900 Longopac plastic bag is now ready to order!

The former model DCF 2800 with a plastic bag – has been renamed

Our pre-separators DCF 2900 c (Intellibag) and DCF 2900 L (Longopac) are especially ideally suited for collecting a large amount of dust combined with our smaller dust extractors, for example our models DC 1800, DC 2800 or DC 2900. Furthermore the pre-separators main function is to relieve the filter of the suction source and the DCF 2900 models are equipped with a Longopac solution or Intellibag for dust-free bag changes, thus minimizing unnecessary and time-consuming downtime.

DCF 2900 L is our latest Mobile Pre-Separator! This pre-separator is delivered with an Longopac solution. At the same time we have renamed DCF 2800 c:

Please note that our pre-separator DCF 2800 c version with plastic bag has been renamed to DCF 2900 c.
For more info, technical data and a request-form – go to link below. Or use support@dustcontrol.se

Prod No for Pre-Separator DCF 2900 c with Intellibag – 7372
Prod No for Pre-Separator DCF 2900 L with Longopac  – 737200

The DCF Pre-Separator 2900 c is delivered with the following:

  • Suction hose (Ø 38) 5 m (Part No 2105)
  • Aluminium floor tool  B 370 Ø1.5” /38mm (Part No 7235)
  • Chrome steel suction pipe Ø 1.5”/38 mm (Part No 7257)
  • intellibag(Part No 42702, 10 pcs bags)
  • Fine filter, cellulose (Part No 42029)
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42027)

DCF 2900 c/L – Dustcontrol

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