DCF 2900 c/L with Longopac & Plastic Bag

Dustcontrol Pre-Separator DCF 2900 L

NEWS! In the Mobile Pre-Separator Family!

Meet our latest family member DCF 2900 with Longopac!

A Pre-Separator is a must when you are extracting coarse, voluminous or heavy material. A Pre-Separator takes the strain off the main filter of the dust extractor or the central vacuum system. And it guarantees consistently high suction power throughout the work process.

DCF 2900 L is our latest Mobile Pre-Separator!

Please note that our pre-separator DCF 2800 c version with plastic bag has been renamed to DCF 2900 c.
For more info, technical data and a request-form – go to link below. Or use support@dustcontrol.se

Prod No for DCF 2900 c with Intellibag – 7372
Prod No for DCF 2900 L with Longopac  – 737200

Dustcontrol, Box 3088, Kumla Gårdsväg 14, 145 03 Norsborg, SWEDEN