Now certified in accordance with ISO regulation on occupational health and safety

Dustcontrol AB has been officially certified according to ISO 45001 on Occupational Health and Safety, further highlighting its commitment to provide a reduced ecological impact and safer working environment.

According to the International Labour Organisation, more than 7,600 people die from work-related accidents or diseases every single day, underlining the importance of implementing health and safety regulations that systematically collaborate, plan, support, examine and improve working environments.

With this greater onus on reducing workplace risks and improving employer safety, ISO 45001 ensures that the wellbeing of staff is preserved at the forefront of an organisation’s ethos.

As well as being certified according to ISO 45001, Dustcontrol is also certified with ISO 9001 on Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 on Environmental Management Systems, demonstrating the company’s commitment to deliver high-quality products with a reduced environmental impact and in a safer working environment.

James Miller, Director of subsidiary Dustcontrol UK, said: “We’re proud that our factory has been certified under ISO regulations on the continued improvement of the working environment. At Dustcontrol, we are never satisfied with just selling products. We aspire to manufacture and customise high-quality portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration, in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible.

Timber Trade Journal, 2021-04-15:

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