New Automatic Shutter Valve in size Ø76 mm. Food and Pharma industry

We are promoting health, safety & hygiene in the food and pharmaceutical sector

The dangers of dust in the food & pharma sector are well documented. From a health perspective, regularly inhaling dust can cause respiratory illnesses and diseases. While from a business point of view, a build-up of dust can negatively impact productivity and potentially harm the quality of a product through contamination.

The food and pharma industries are renowned for having strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements, and the pandemic has only heightened the need to maintain such a high level of health and safety in these sectors, for example the pharma industry with its production of consumable synthetic and organic substances.

In these vacuum systems all outlets must have some type of closure, either a flap valve or shutter valve. These can be manually actuated, such as flap valves or manual shutter valves, or automatically controlled for actuation only when extraction is required. See the video linked below to see how a complete Food Industry vacuum system works!

We now present the latest work station equipment in the food and pharma industries – Automatic Shutter Valve in the dimension Ø76 mm (Part No 77040).

Key features:
Dust proof
ESD approved
Materials compliant with EG 1935/2004 and FDA
No accessible moving parts 

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Technical info of our Automatic Shutter Valves: 

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