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DC Tromb Turbo VFD Asbestos

Why Asbestos fibres are so dangerous?

Asbestos was a widely used isolation material in the 1950-1970s, which later has been found out to be highly hazardous. A huge industry has been built around the removal of asbestos. As asbestos is a highly hazardous material, it must be removed with caution, and absolutely not with whatever kind of equipment and lack of protection. Contact us for guidance in a safe solution!

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How hazardous is asbestos fibres?
If there is a risk that asbestos fibres may be released in the air, then they must be captured at their point of escape or their source, then disposed of without any hazard for persons or the environment. We know how to prevent these dangerous particles from entering your lungs!

The smaller size of the particles – the more dangerous
Particles with diameters between 0.1-3 µm are the most critical for the lungs. A large part of these will be stored in the lungs if inhaled. Quartz, Asbestos, PCBs and Cobalt are examples of hazardous and carcinogenic substances with very small dust particles that stay suspended in the air in many workplaces. The asbestos fibres must be captured at their point of escape or their source, then disposed of without any hazard for persons or the environment, in line with the latest state of the art. If complete capture is not possible, then additional state-of-the-art ventilation measures must be put in place.

Best practice after Asbestos operations
Once work has been completed, tools, including suction lines, working materials and the work area must be cleaned carefully. Any items contaminated with asbestos fibres that cannot be cleaned satisfactorily must be wetted and disposed of correctly. After cleaning, the working area must be sufficiently ventilated.

We are expanding our Asbestos-line

DC Tromb Turbo VFD Asbestos is here!
of dust extractors with 3 new machines: DC Tromb H Asbest Turbo VFD. This solution is especially developed for asbestos dust extraction that demands long operation times in large construction sites. And with a Longopac solution in this powerful dust extractor you have everything you need for a safe and efficient operation. If you require exra long hose lenght for your asbestos operations, DC Tromb H Asbest Turbo VFD is the best choice. This powerful machine can be ordered with different selection of collection containers:

Which collection container? A, C or L?
Dustcontrol’s dust extractor and pre-separators can be ordered with different collection containers. The letters describe which collection container that is available for the machine:
A/ Steel collection container
C/ Plastic bag/Intellibag
L/ Plastic bag/Longopac, with flexible length

All models are certified by the German occupational safety institute IFA. The DC Tromb H c/L Turbo VFD Asbestos variants are fitted with a protective enclosure for the safe handling of asbestos waste. This protects the plastic discharge bag or the Longopac liner. The machines are tested and certified according to:

•IEC 60335-1
•IEC 60335-2-69, 22. Annex AA
•TRGS 519

Special requirements for industrial dust extractors
Extracted air must be carried or cleaned in such a way that asbestos fibres cannot enter the air breathed in by other workers. Any dust generated must be transported in dusttight containers. Refilling these containers is not permitted. The asbestos fibre content of the air discharged into the open air must not exceed 1000 F/m³.

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