The DC Box – a powerful ally for rental depots

When renting out industrial machinery, it’s important to protect your equipment. But what do you do to protect your employees?

Once a piece of machinery leaves the rental depot, it’s in the customer’s hands. There’s an inevitable risk of damage, and one of the ways that rental companies manage this is with proper maintenance between rentals. But while this use-maintenance cycle protects equipment, it may create health risks for employees and even future customers.

The dust at the rental depot could be toxic to your staff!

Rented machinery used in construction, demolition, drilling, landscaping or cleaning projects, is likely to accumulate dust and particle matter, both externally and internally. For the machinery to continue to function well, it’s important that this dust is removed. However, this process can be hazardous. There is a risk of dust exposure and – because you can never be sure of the environment where the machine has been used – this dust could be extremely toxic to your staff. If you fail to adequately clean the machinery before its next rental, you also risk exposing future customers to toxic materials.

Dustcontrol has a solution – DC Box!

The Dustcontrol DC Box resolves these issues. It’s designed to resemble a fume cupboard, the type of apparatus you might see in a laboratory that lets scientists handle materials that emit dangerous gasses. The principle is exactly the same: the user puts their hands through tubes on the side of the box, letting them clean, repair and maintain the rental equipment, without being exposed to its unknown and potentially hazardous contents.

Our DC Box is equipped with an integrated air gun

It’s as simple as placing the machinery on a rotating trolley, and pushing it into the box. Dust and particles are removed and filtered by a powerful Dustcontrol extractor into either a barrel, plastic bag or Longopac. The DC Box is equipped with an integrated air blow gun, suction hose and internal lighting, making the cleaning process powerful but also suitable for delicate components.

Dustcontrol also produce custom versions of the DC Box, for working with larger rental equipment. The principle is the same, but it lets users wheel in and clean much taller pieces of machinery.

• Now with a selection of 3 discharge options container (A), bag (C) or Longopac (L) as standard.
• The outlet on the top of the DC-Box is now larger with D108 instead of the previous D76.
• The user can adjust the working height as the legs are now adjustable.
• The outer dimensions of the box have also been adjusted to fit on a standard European pallet. Safer and more cost-effective transportations!

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