Updates of our Liquids Extractors – DC Wet-Vacs!

A new electrical contact and a new drain valve

When drilling in concrete, large quantities of water are required, which becomes very dirty. Using a wet-vac to effectively extract the water prevents both the workplace from becoming wet and dirty, and the sewerage system from silting up. The slurry solids are collected in a filter bag for easy handling and disposal. Dustcontrol’s wet-vacs are easy to disassemble for cleaning and decontamination. This is an important benefit on units that require frequent cleaning. Robust construction helps these units resist the knocks from everyday use.

Our DC 50W and DC 75W liquids extractors have been updated with a smaller electrical connector between
the motor top and the pump:

Part no 118600 DC 50-W ECO EU, with pump
Part no 118700 DC 75-W ECO EU, with pump

Liquids Extractors – Dustcontrol

DC 50 W – Dustcontrol
DC 75 W – Dustcontrol

dustcontol-wet-vacs-liquid extractors-updates-mobile macines

Dustcontrol present new versions of DC Wet-Vacs without pump!

DC 50-W and 75-W, without pump, is a new and more affordable variant of our popular liquids extractor. This variant has no pump but includes the new ball valve for draining:

Part no 118610 DC 50-W ECO EU, without pump
Part no 118710 DC 75-W ECO EU, without pump

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