What exactly is a HEPA filter?

When dealing with something as dangerous as airborne particles, it’s important to be absolutely certain about your safety equipment. That’s the main reason for the HEPA standard. A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air or absorbing) filter must capture a minimum percentage of particles from the air that passes through it. This minimum percentage – or minimum efficiency – varies according to a filter’s exact classification, but every HEPA filter will capture at least 99.95% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometers.

HEPA is not a brand name or a loose description. It relates to specific standards, and HEPA filters must be tested and verified by a national or superanational organization. It would be illegal for anyone to sell a HEPA filter which does not meet these standards.

Exposure over a prolonged period

Because of their verified high efficiency, HEPA filters are vital in many applications, across industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals, aerospace, electronics, food processing and biotechnology. When used correctly, they reduce human exposure to dust and particulate matter. This is, of course, vital in any circumstance involving toxic substances, but exposure to any kind of dust over a prolonged period is likely to cause physical harm. Airborne particles can also cause damage to machinery, electronics, research chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, so HEPA filters are vital in countless contexts wherever a contamination-free environment is required.

Dustcontrol´s HEPA filters

The body of Dustcontrol’s HEPA filters are made from pleated fiberglass, and supported by a layer of cellulose. The fine glass fibers within the filters are randomly distributed to create an intricate web that allows air to flow through, while capturing (through diffusion, interception and impaction) tiny particles of dust, pollen, mold spores and even bacteria.

This choice of design and materials makes our HEPA filters robust, but it is still crucial that they are inspected and changed on a regular basis. This must be done according to their instructions, and appropriate to the industry and application in which they are used.

Dustcontrol´s Warrenty only applies to original spare parts

Please make sure not to use pirate filters as quality and function is not the same standard as the original ones. The Dustcontrol’s warranty only applies to machines equipped with original Dustcontrol spare parts. The filters are certified in accordance with current European requirements for dust extraction.

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