I-Line Dust Extractors

Dustcontrol I Line Dust Extractors 600x900

i-Line – very low sound emissionsIn some industries a mobile dust extractor is preferred over a stationary system. Noise pollution is a health hazard. Therefore, if the machine is to be used indoors, for example in a workshop or production facility, it has to be quiet. Dustcontrol’s I-line is most suitable as a flexible indoor vacuum producer, since the vacuum producer is insulated.

The I-line dust extractors can be docked to a permanent or temporary tubing system or one dust extractor can be used at each workstation. Ideally it is used for source extraction from handheld power tools, but it can also be used for heavy cleaning of e.g. metal chips.

The vacuum producer is a turbo pump driven direct by a three-phase motor, providing reliability, long life and minimal service requirements. The characteristic capacity of the turbo pump is well suited for cleaning and material transport – the greater the resistance, the more vacuum generated.

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