New models for DC Tromb H 400 – Asbestos Removal

We have now added collection options for DC Tromb H 400 Asbestos! C and L-version is now available. And we now offer you three collection options: (A) Container (C) Plastic bag and (L) Longopac. The DC Tromb H 400 Asbestos C and L variants are fitted with a protective enclosure for the safe handling of asbestos waste. This protects the plastic discharge bag or Longopac liner.

DC Tromb 400 H Asbestos is our most powerful 1-phase dust extractor up to now. It is designed to cope with both the demands for a clean and healthy working environment and handheld power tools which are more effective than ever. The dust extractor also enables the user to work without unneccessary interruptions – it tackles up to 400 m3/h. The dust extractor has been DGUV tested and approved by IFA (Institute for Occupational safety of the German Statutory Accident Insurance).

DC Tromb is not just powerful, robust and effective but also versatile and all-round. It can handle all kinds of fine dusts and materials created on a construction site created from cutting concrete, sanding, grinding or drilling floors or walls as well as dust from many other industrial factory processes. The machine can be connected to floor grinders and handheld tools like cutting machines, chisel hammers and saws. Thanks to its compact design DC Tromb is also easy to move and transport. As standard the machine is equipped with a patented self-cleaning filter (washable polyester) and a H13-filter built to be Application Class H.

DC Tromb 400 H Asbestos is certified to be used to extract/remove dry, flammable, non conductive, hazardous and carcinogenic particles, including asbestos.

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All part numbers DC Tromb 400 H Asbestos

175000 a 230V 3000W, EU
175003 a 230V 2600W, UK
175008 a 230V 3000W, CH
175100 c 230V 3000W, EU
175200 L 230V 3000W, EU
175000 a 230V 3000W, EU

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